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Rating 3

Three Sisters

Publisher: Shawline Publishing Group

Genre: Crime

ISBN: 9781922444486

RRP $24.95

Three Sisters tells the story about Jim an architect, a keen surfer, fishing enthusiast, who deals with his grief and witnesses a horrid crime. Set on the Mid North Coast of NSW this story is adapted from the tragic death of Lynette Daley in 2011, highlighting the need to act; helping others who find themselves in bad situations. Three Sisters alludes to where the crime took place with most of the locations bearing fictitious names.

The author keeps you on track using timelines, present, and past, which gives the reader an understanding of the character’s backstories and connections. For a thriller, this flips back, takes the reader out of the main story but at the same time, it helps tie up all the lose-ends with an exciting and unexpected end to the story.

What I liked about this story is not only the connection to a true crime but how it showed vulnerability and how we all go through the grieving process in different ways. The story also shows the strength and weaknesses of relationships with friends and family which gives the characters more depth. The story in places in heavy with detail, and the setting where the crime took place, becomes a character too.

This first novel by author David Tooby is short for a thriller and his writing and way of story-telling will develop as he continues writing. Those who have an interest in surfing and fishing would enjoy the details as well as thriller fans.

7 x 9 in Book Cover

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